Energy & Natural Resources

FAF Developments offers a variety of services designed to enhance security for natural resource extraction companies worldwide.

Security enhancement services include:

  • Population Engagement
  • Risk Mitigation Networks
  • Early Warning Systems
  • Human Terrain Assessments
  • Environmental & Social Impact Assessments

We understand the complexities of operating in high-risk environments. Our approach is specifically designed to be effective in developing countries with a history of conflict where economic, physical, and social challenges affect day-to-day activities.

Our tried and tested model creates alignment between physical security measures, social investment programs and the relevant human terrain. This focus enables us to provide measurable and enduring value.

FAF can seamlessly integrate our multi-faceted life and profit preserving solutions with current client operations.

Building connections and improving safety in high-risk communities.

Some of our Previous Projects
  • Dairy Feasibility Study in Afghanistan, 2006
  • Latin America & Europe Project Monitoring, 2010-Ongoing
  • Costa Rica Estates
  • Market Assessments
  • Vegetable Feasibility Study, 2003
  • Village Stabilization
  • Soybean Production Assessment, 2004
  • Irrigation Management, 2004
  • Market Assessments