FAF Developments is an international project management and business development company, providing a range of specialized services to increase our clients’ competitive advantage throughout the world.

FAF capitalizes on 130 years of successfully managing its own international companies and farms, bringing an in-depth knowledge of infrastructure development, agriculture and international business to every project we implement. Our hands-on approach gives us the ability to go into and succeed in difficult remote locations. Over the years, FAF has carried out numerous assignments, ranging in scale and scope, for international agencies, multilateral and bilateral organizations and private enterprise. In delivering effective and efficient service, we rely on our teams experience and training as well as their shared vision and interest in providing superior-quality work.

Some of our Previous Projects
  • Soybean Production Assessment, 2004
  • Dairy Value Chain Assessment, 2003
  • Market Assessment
  • Farm Machinery Curriculum Development, 2003
  • Vegetable Feasibility Study, 2003
  • Market Assessment
  • Market Assessment
  • Agricultural Feasibility Study in Tanzania, 2009
  • Central America Market Assessment, 2009-11