About FAF Developments

FAF Developments, leveraging the experience of its principals, was formed in 1982 as an international project management and business development company. FAF is headquartered in the United States. FAF, through its network, provides a flexible and value‐added extension to clients’ internal resources, with the benefits of specialist know‐how, industry experience and a cross‐cultural team.

From experience gained over the years of developing and managing large scale projects in different parts of the world, FAF has found that to be successful, you must think globally and act locally. In international projects, it is important to be sensitive to the local culture, yet aware of what is happening in the rest of the world.

FAF adapts best practices to the local environment by leveraging its international network on a “tailor-made” basis for each project. We have a “get it done” mentality and are not afraid to “roll up our sleeves” to achieved the desired results.

FAF now has an experienced, well-trained multi-lingual, multi-cultured staff, which will prove invaluable for development of international projects. FAF continues to investigate and analyze new projects to enter as a manager and/or principal with its associates. Since the founding of FAF Developments, the company has done business in or conducted technical research, feasibility studies/business plans, market studies in the:

Clients are from both the private and public sector. Public sector clients include the IFC (World Bank), USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development), USDA and FAS, PRT’s, Coalition Forces, OPEC (Overseas Private Investment Corporation), CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) and multiple other foreign donors and governments.

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Our Experience

For more than 130 years, Fair Acres Stock Farms, Inc. has owned and operated cattle and crop farms in the USA as well as overseas. Its staff of energetic entrepreneurs includes farmers, ranchers and project managers; agronomists and irrigation technicians; marketing, finance and legal specialists; and the necessary support personnel.

Since 1892, Fair Acres Stock Farm has been operating in the United States, based in Waldorf, Minnesota. Over the years the farm has grown to its present size and status. The enterprises include corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, and alfalfa, registered purebred beef cattle. The farm has received national and international recognition in both cattle and crops. FAF has been published in many trade journals, including the “Top Producer” magazine.

The operation of these farming concerns has provided FAF with experience in the latest agricultural technology in crop production (precision farming [GPS]; effective fertilizer regimes, proper genetic selection, minimum and no-tillage programs; insect, weed and disease control; irrigation systems; etc.) and livestock production (efficient nutritional and preventive medical programs; advanced reproductive technologies – superior genetics, artificial insemination, embryo transplanting, heat synchronization; performance programs – estimated progeny differences, $values, frame score, weight measurements, ultrasound; certified beef programs; source programs – identification and traceability systems; marketing – shows, sales, etc.).

FAF has successfully adapted these advanced technologies to the farms in the United States and abroad. Using the experience gained in the United States, FAF expanded its operations to include the international market in 1982. To address these international ventures, FAF Developments was formed.

FAF had its first international project in Paraguay. This project consisted of cattle, soybeans and cotton. The production was sold into the domestic market and also exported to the world market via Brazil. Major technical difficulties were overcome particularly with high temperatures and humidity, tropical rainstorms, major insect infestations and acute weed pressures.

The Caribbean was found to the liking and economically desirable for FAF to enter the fresh export vegetable business. Jamaica offered an off-season market advantage of vegetable produced during the winter months for the northern hemisphere markets. The product lines were squash, cucumbers, peppers, cantaloupe, tomatoes, sweet corn, onions, and beans. FAF managed and leased this project for seven years with commendable results by increasing yields and reducing costs.

FAF assisted in the management of a Chilean fresh fruit export company in the late 1980’s. FAF was instrumental in the start-up phases including: handling the legal aspects, negotiating debt-equity financing, international market development (broke trade barriers for Chilean kiwis and was the first to export to Japan). The fruit was marketed to the United States, Europe, Mid and Far East, and throughout South America. FAF oversaw the construction of the packing plant and the planting of orchards. FAF organized the creation of the export company, and then managed the operational phase of the company. The company in its first year exported nearly two million boxes of fresh fruit into 14 countries.

FAF was also instrumental in the development and operations of nonagricultural companies in Chile. The concept of QSR (quick service restaurants) was introduced to a high standard in Chile. FAF built the QSR’s brand in the country and led the company to be the undisputed leader in the food retail industry. FAF grew the company from zero to 25 stores in four cities. The company developed the supply chain for the complying with HACCP.

In the early 1990’s, FAF formed a joint venture with a leading purebred cattle producer in Argentina. FAF introduced new genetic lines of purebred beef cattle and provided bio-technology transfer through this venture. The partnership continues to use planned matings, to produce superior genetics adapted for the local environments from semen and frozen embryos developed in the U.S.

Since the early 2004 to 2012, FAF has worked in Middle East managing programs for clients such as Chemonics, CNFA, CIDA, USAID, Military, etc.

In 2006, FAF developed a new gated community real estate project, located in fast developing area of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. FAF directed the in-country acquisition of the property, and continues to manage a team of engineers and professionals for this entity. FAF also developed and manages a cattle ranch in Costa Rica.

In 2012-2023, FAF went to Ethiopia to provide large scale farm management services to a large landholder in the western part of the country and oversaw USDA wheat shipments to Sudan.

Some of our Previous Projects
  • Market Assessment
  • Costa Rica Estates
  • Vegetable Feasibility Study, 2003
  • Fruit and Vegetable Assessment, 2003
  • Paraguay Project Development and Management, 1983-89
  • Afghanistan Stabilization Initiative – South / Pomegranate Value Chain Assistance Phase I, 2010
  • Latin America & Europe Market Development, 2008-10
  • Fair Acres Stock Farms, Inc
  • Feasibility Study