Afghan Farmers Adopt Export Standards to Improve Productivity

Larry BradshawFAF Developments News Release

The Afghandab farmers have demonstrated their buy-in and commitment to their land, their communities and the industry by embracing the principles presented them by the candid conversations held and the extensive training provided to them. The overall goal of stability is well served by this commitment and is sustainable through these continued efforts.

In June 2010, FAF Developments engaged in a multifaceted approach designed to garner the greatest value for the farmers and traders for the pomegranates produced specifically focusing on the Arghandab District within the Kandahar Province. The initiatives in this assignment supported farmers and traders in adopting export standards in order to improve productivity of pomegranates.

One anecdotal report serves to illustrate this very well: A farmer who attended the training reported that he had been in the process of negotiating to sell his land as he was not able to make a living from it. After attending the training, he realized that there was the potential for his land to become a valuable asset generating a significant, long term income for himself and his family. He stated that as a result, he had decided not to sell his land, but to apply the information he had learned to develop his pomegranate orchard and improve his crop. When farmers become aware of this potential, they are less likely to be lured away from their land either by AGE’s or the prospect of earning an income from employment elsewhere, thus resulting in the stimulation of the local economy that will contribute significantly to stability in the district.

Training Farmers with the Pomegranate Training Manual

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