Community Support Gained by Addressing Soil Improvement Techniques

Larry BradshawFAF Developments News Release

On 15 Mar 2011, FAF conducted a Soil Preparation Presentation at the Maiwand District Centre. There were several farmers, local authorities and members of the International Community present. The presentation addressed various soil improving techniques, use of top cover for better water management and the repudiation of various agricultural myths and poor farming practices.

The main goal of the presentation was to establish community support through direct contact with elders. This was achieved through a Noorzai elder, who is very influential within the surrounding villages. The elder showed interest in the new soil preparation techniques and has guaranteed support to subsequent presentations in the future. There is now support from DAIL as well.

One of the six buildings making up the nearby agricultural center has been identified as a possible agricultural training and educational site for farmers and children. This would be in conjunction with the local school curriculum, pending local authority and teacher support.

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