FAF To Present at Oil & Gas Security Summit

Larry BradshawFAF Developments News Release

FAF Developments is pleased to announce that our Director Operations for Africa, Central Asia & the Middle East, Riaan Niemand, will be presenting alongside Jim Sisco of GbHawk at IRN’s Oil & Gas Security 2013 Summit in London, June 12-13.

In many developing countries, there is a struggle to overcome identity conflict, which occurs when the populations’ feelings of fear and insecurity actually grow the more governments assert their authority since such populations’ identities are formed in opposition to the state. Under traditional security concepts, energy companies must rely upon the very governments that populations blame for their misfortunes, leading to a cycle of insecurity. Our presentation, Optimizing Risk Assessment Strategies & Security Activities in the Era of “Identity Conflict”, outlines the types of activities and initiatives necessary to mitigate the impact of identity conflict on the energy industry operations.

FAF is collaborating with GbHawk to give the Oil and Gas Industry a new look at Population Engagement, Risk Mitigation, and Early Warning Systems that increase stability. Our white paper, Creating Stability for the Energy Industry, gives further details of our services and strategies.