FAF Developments Services

FAF Developments enhances productivity in a variety of economic sectors, including agriculture, to build prosperity and to improve sustainable livelihoods for local residents. Our practice areas include:


Population engagement is essential to all companies, especially to those in the natural-resource industry. Companies must plan for the economic, social, and environmental impact to the region in which they are operating. FAF provides population engagement services that enhance community relations by addressing areas of concern related to training, education, poverty and infrastructure. Our aim is to improve the quality of life for those living in the community and thereby create an environment that lends itself to the success of our clients.

FAF builds strong, positive reputations for clients in order to establish social legitimacy with key local stakeholders. This minimizes social risks such as local protests, work stoppages and violence that can disrupt operations or stop work entirely.

FAF manages community outreach efforts so our clients are free to focus on achieving their business goals. We create integrated programs and provide necessary training to ensure sustainability and reduce local dependence. Our highly skilled team members implement specific processes, structures and metrics to keep outreach efforts focused; delivering more value with the resources invested and making a lasting contribution.


From value chain analysis and market information systems to grades and standards and export development, FAF provides expert advice and appropriate technologies to ensure production is demand-driven and market-based. Creating sustainable market linkages requires focusing on all points in the value chain, from production to final consumer.

FAF’s market oriented technical approach empowers farmers, traders, processors, exporters, importers, wholesalers and retailers to make informed decisions. Knowledge of market specifications, anticipated prices, and delivery mechanisms is critical to maximize product sales and income. We work as closely with informal domestic traders as we do with multinational importers, and believe that market diversification is an important element of sustainability in a dynamic industry that is continually adapting to climatic, consumer, and other changes.


To develop and implement systems and processes that are effective in a given community or region, FAF must first conduct a baseline evaluation of current conditions. Grassroots research efforts bring in the best results, which provide clients and local stakeholders with an understanding of how to maximize production potential and to promote sustainable livelihoods of community members.

FAF has been involved in the design, preparation, training, implementation, data cleaning and analysis aspects of numerous person-to-person surveys. These surveys have covered a wide variety of participants including households, producers, processors, tradesmen, agribusinesses, retailers, exporters, and farmer groups; and have been conducted in urban and rural areas across a broad range of agro-ecological regions.


FAF helps farmers, agribusinesses and other enterprises enhance their competitiveness by improving their access to markets and market information; facilitating access to know-how, technology, and business services; and formulating business and market strategies. Some areas include:

  • Financial and economic analysis of investments – FAF has undertaken investment analysis and sector investment feasibility studies to guide the decisions of private companies, development agencies, and government entities.
  • Formulation of development and business strategies – FAF has led the formulation of development and business strategies in agriculture, rural development and agribusiness in a number of countries.
  • Agribusiness development – FAF has been involved in a number of projects related to agricultural production, agribusiness development, agro-industry, postharvest systems and marketing in Afghanistan, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Jamaica, Russia, Ukraine, Africa and the United States Key staff of the company has led the preparation and implementation of agribusiness development projects varying of all sizes.
  • Infrastructure development – FAF have managed many turn-key projects which include the design, engineering and construction of agro-processing facilities, houses, roads, bridges, check dams, and wells from remote areas of Afghanistan to tourist areas of Costa Rica.

From inputs suppliers to end retailers, FAF strengthens the capabilities of all actors along a product line to meet market demand by alleviating constraints, increasing access to services, and improving information flow. Our work increases domestic production, leads to higher sales, improves income, promotes investment in the rural economy, and generates new jobs for the agricultural sector. We specialize in postharvest handling, sorting/grading, packing, transportation and marketing. In order to achieve the desired results, FAF staff has developed expertise in the analysis of agricultural value chains through research activities in various countries.

The main focus of the studies consists in understanding the structure, governance, and innovation strategies of value chain stakeholders and finding alternative solution to the integration of smallholder farmers, small and medium enterprises with value chains. FAF staff has conducted a series of value chain analysis studies for a variety of value chains including pomegranates, grapes, apples, apricots, melons, carrots, tomatoes, wheat, rice, dried fruit, nuts and livestock. The marketing systems linking producers to final consumers have been analyzed through interviews with producers, traders, wholesalers, retailers, exporters, processors, and importers.


FAF helps clients address the challenges of food insecurity by championing solutions that lead to resilient and sustainable livelihoods, including increasing agricultural productivity and production, expanding opportunities to increase and diversify incomes, and promoting socially and economically responsible safety nets. We provide technical assistance and innovative solutions throughout the value chain, providing understandable training of production techniques, facilitating the provision of essential inputs, such as seed and fertilizer, and promoting efficiencies and quality control in sorting/grading, packaging, storage, and transportation of the produce.


FAF has organized trade missions to promote exports of products from developing countries to richer countries. The organization of trade missions included product development, market research, logistics, and establishment of linkages between enterprises.

Some of our Previous Projects
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  • Afghanistan Stabilization Initiative – South / Kandahar Orchard Project, 2007-09
  • Market Assessments
  • Market Assessment
  • Costa Rica Estates
  • Market Assessment
  • Chile and USA Dairy Marketing Assessment, 2006-07
  • Farm Machinery Curriculum Development, 2003
  • Market Assessment