Celebrating the first planting season in Ethiopia…

Larry BradshawFAF Developments News Release

FAF Developments successfully completed its first planting season in Gambella, Ethiopia. In order to mark the occasion, FAF held a celebration to honor the local workers. Sias, manager of FAF Ethiopia, welcomed everyone and thanked them for their hard work, dedication, friendliness and willingness. He told them that FAF couldn’t achieve the results we have achieved without their assistance. He said that FAF came here just over 3 and a half months ago and in this short period we build a good working team and thanked them for accepting us and for their part of achieving this success. Sias informed them that FAF has worked all over the world and believes that uplifting the community is part of FAF’s successes. He called every individual separately to the floor, thanked them and handed out their FAF printed shirts. As they received their shirts, they hand greeted every FAF member and posed for a group photo with their shirts on.

Kenau, the Irrigation and Development Manager, said that this is the first time on this farm and area where management and staff attended the same function and he personally want to thank FAF for initiating and arranging this celebration, everyone applaud and confirmed. He said that what we have done today is custom to their culture, after planting season, all the local farmers in the area, gets together and have a celebration function where they will praise the Lord for the work that they were able to do and will also then ask for a good harvest. He also added that what we, as FAF have done, bringing our positive attitude, knowledge and management skills to this farms with the field preparation, planting, fertilizing and to see with his own eyes the crop on the field brings a positive outlook to the future.

Sias informing the staff that FAF will have training sessions with them on rainy days regarding crop production and more hands on training will be given to the operators and their assistants. Sias ended by telling everyone that they must enjoy the meal and the rest of the celebration. It was very well received. After lunch, sporting events included team races of 100 meter sprints. After the sport event the local staff treated FAF with a traditional coffee ceremony. They grinded the coffee beans in a clay mug and mixed it with brown sugar, added the mix with cold water and boiled it in a clay kettle on the coals. They also prepared popcorn which they served with the coffee. It was a great experience and we thanked them for sharing a traditional custom with us. The local staff couldn’t thank FAF enough for the shirts, food, drinks and for FAF being here and changing their livelihood for the better.

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